Website : www.affilogic.com


Affilogic is a private biotech company specialized in discovering and developping Nanofitins® as next generation biopharmaceuticals. Each Nanofitin is 20 times smaller than an antibody and hyperstable. Nanofitins are easily combined with each other by simple, rapid and proven methods to design an ideal targeted molecule. Nanofitins® are mainly developed as : o Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, for inhibition of inflammatory pathways or recruitment of immune cells, o Targeting Probes for specific receptors in combination with a third-party molecule, for imaging application or Antibody-Drug-Conjugates-like strategy, o Enhancers for third-party molecules such as antibodies or enzymes. Nanofitin-based biotherapeutics are currently being developed in collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceutical, Sanofi and other undisclosed pharmaceutical companies.
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