Website : elwave.fr


ELWAVE is a French company which develops and markets innovative detection, navigation and surface characterisation systems for complex underwater and industrial environments. ELWAVE products are based on electrical sensory perception technology, called “electric sense”, an electromagnetic technology inspired on the sensory perception method used by fish living in murky and congested water habitats where vision and sonar are ineffective. The ability of ELWAVE products to detect, in real time and 360°, all types of objects (insulating and conducting) provides an operational technological solution to the shortfalls of current detection sensors: - Limited spectrum of detectable object type (insulating, conducting, metal, etc.) - Highly directional signal - Ineffective in complex environments (murky water, congested habitats) - Low sensitivity for detecting buried objects ELWAVE solutions are aimed at the defence, offshore energy & infrastructure sectors (oil & gas, wind and tidal, ports, etc.) and industrial robotics.
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