BE supplies several essential and lifesaving Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals to UN Agencies viz.UNICEF, Pan American Health Organisations, other global markets and within India to Central and State Government Hospitals, Public Sector Undertakings, the Indian Armed Forces and the domestic retail market.

Produits et services

Biological E Limited have been pioneers in the pharmaceutical industry in India, whether it is by introducing and producing vaccines or developing natural biological extract molecules like DTP, Tetanus toxoid. Biological E is committed to supply Vaccines meeting highest International standards to all needy children and adults to fight deadly Vaccine preventable diseases afflicting mankind. Our vast product range encompasses the whole spectrum of pharmaceuticals - preventive to therapeutic - with a reputation for quality, safety and efficacy.


  • Adresse : Campus Bio-Ouest 6 rue Alain Bombard 44800 SAINT HERBLAIN
  • Dirigeant : Céline, BREDA


  • Forme juridique : SAS
  • Capital : 3370200€
  • Creation date : 24/07/2013
  • Effectif : 30
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