Design and manufacturing of medical devices for soft tissues regeneration. Innnovative surface treatements for titanium implants. - OEM for medical devices used in soft tissue regeneration - Services in the surface treatment and characterization of titanium implants - Services in histological studies - Services in microbiological studies

Produits et services

Based on the jet-spraying" proprietary technology , we produce 3D meshes of synthetic polymer microfibers that can be shaped for different aplications such as: dental membranes, orthopaedics composite foams, small diameter vascular prosthesis, skin regeneration matrices. Besides, we are currently developping services in surface treatment of titanium implant promoting enhanced tissue integration of the implants. "


  • Adresse : IRT UN 8 quai Moncousu 44007 NANTES CEDEX 1
  • Dirigeant : Valérie, DUMAY


  • Forme juridique : SAS
  • Capital : 60000
  • NAF : 2120Z
  • Creation date : 30/09/2010
  • Effectif : 2
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