GEPS Techno designs and develops innovative technologies for electricity production from renewable marine energy and stabilizing floating structures to provide concrete solutions to maritime operators seeking energy independence at sea.

Produits et services

Commercializes 2 products resulting from the development of its wave energy conversion technology unique in the world: Energized platforms for applications on remote sites, R & D, monitoring and offshore industries ... Passive or energized stabilizers for ships and floating structures. The solutions developed by GEPS Techno are simple, robust and adaptable, allowing each to access an 100% clean and renewable energy. GEPS Techno also invests heavily in innovative R & D programs such as the hybridization of sources to be closer to its founding concept: MLiner.


  • Adresse : 27 Boulevard des Apprentis 44600 SAINT-NAZAIRE
  • Dirigeant : Jean-Luc, LONGEROCHE


  • Forme juridique : SAS
  • Capital : 775639
  • NAF : 7022Z
  • Creation date : 31/05/2011
  • Effectif : 13
  • Couverture géographique : France & International
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