The delivery of macromolecular drugs to the heart of the cell represents a difficult task for many R&D programs - Animated by a research team including a Nobel Laureate, In-Cell-Art has designed new classes of Nanocarriers, that enable to cross efficiently and safely the cell barrier

Produits et services

Rapid and low cost antibody production - Nanocarriers for DNA vaccination at microgram range - Nanocarriers for RNAi therapeutics - Innovative formulation technologies for Therapeutic proteins - siRNA and DNA transfection reagents for primary and stem cells


  • Adresse : Halle 13 Bio-Ouest 21 Rue La Noue Bras-de-Fer 44200 NANTES
  • Dirigeant : Bruno, PITARD


  • Forme juridique : SAS
  • Capital : 108000
  • NAF : 731 Z
  • Creation date : 12/08/2005
  • Effectif : 6
  • Couverture géographique : Worldwide
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