Obeo provides custom, open and adaptable modeling softwares to create and transform complex systems. Obeo develops innovative solutions dedicated to systems engineering, enterprise architecture, or code generation.

Produits et services

Eclipse Sirius: create your own custom modeling environment, entirely dedicated to your business field thanks to the Eclipse Sirius Open Source technology. Obeo Designer: benefit from the security of a software provider for the industrial deployment of your modeling tools created with Sirius. Obeo Designer provides professional support and collaborative features. Obeo SmartEA: manage and achieve the strategic and digital transformations of your company. Obeo, it’s also a wide offer of support, training, coaching, expertise, based upon our innovative technologies.


  • Adresse : Espace Performance La Fleuriaye 7 boulevard Ampère 44481 CARQUEFOU CEDEX
  • Dirigeant : Stéphane, LACRAMPE


  • Forme juridique : SARL
  • Capital : 450000
  • NAF : 6201Z
  • Creation date : 23/11/2005
  • Effectif : 52
  • Couverture géographique : France
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