Our labels are aimed to trace every pallet or parcel in order to detect if the recommended temperature has been exceeded. It is made of a visual indicator and a smart" barcode which changes by itself if any abuse occurs. "

Produits et services

Business field: - Food-industry: frozen, cold or fresh products - Scientific and medical: vaccines, blood bags, organs, research, clinical trials, medicines and biological products - Transport of materials made of polymer or resin - Cosmetics - Vegetables, plants - Sterilization - Electricity meters and cabinets, datacenters, batteries


  • Adresse : IRS-UN 8 quai Moncousu 44000 NANTES
  • Dirigeant : Frédéric, NOTEL


  • Forme juridique : SAS
  • Capital : 34000
  • NAF : 7211Z
  • Creation date : 28/10/2014
  • Effectif : 3
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