SMART CAST is an innovative formwork system used to make reinforced concrete slabs on housing building sites

Produits et services

The product is a formwork sheet, customised, printed and cut on its two faces using the BIM numeric datas. SMART CAST formworks integrate all the data used by 5 trades during the incorporation of electrical, plumbing, heat or domotic networks and allow to position accurately the partitionning. SMART CAST sheets are part of the building during its life time and are used as a finition coating of the ceilings.


  • Adresse : 2 RUE ALFRED KASTLER 44300 NANTES
  • Dirigeant : Augustin, MASUREL


  • Forme juridique : SASU
  • Capital : 30000
  • NAF : 2599B
  • Creation date : 15/09/2015
  • Effectif : 1
  • Couverture géographique : France
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