Website : www.invirtus.io


Based on its smart objects, the InVirtus™ system allows the search for devices and automatic inventories. An InVirtus™ mini-tag is attached to the piece of equipment to track for indoor location. In the company’s premises, the InVirtus™ system allows automatic detection of entrances and exits of strategic equipment, as well as zone changes. Alerts (emails, text messages, in-app notifications) are generated whenever there are entrances or exits. Consequently, managers know, in real time, the number of available equipment in a department. Vehicles (company cars, ambulances for an hospital) can also be set up with the InVirtus™ system in order to avoid forgetting or losing a piece of equipment during interventions. Finally, for a financial department, the InVirtus™ system can align the company’s balance sheet with the equipment genuinely used onsite.
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