Website : www.octopize.io


The technology of OCTOPIZE - Mimethik Data (ex WeData) is the result of 5 years of R&D. Today, OCTOPIZE - Mimethik Data has two missions: - Deep and Intelligent Anonymization. We have developed an innovative solution for storing and sharing personal data. This algorithm performs mathematical operations on sensitive data to create "Avatars" of individuals (mimetic data). These Avatars retain the properties of the original datasets and their usefulness for analysis while providing enhanced protection against the risk of re-identification. - Role of architect on complex scientific missions (pipeline data, decision-making tools based on automatic learning). Why OCTOPIZE - Mimethik Data (ex WeData) ? - Octopize refers to the adaptive camouflage capacity of the mimetic octopus: a marine animal that performs prowess and blends into its environment. - Mimethik Data explains the concept of the avatar: an anonymous data that mimics personal data in an ethical way. The new logo is composed of 8 (octo) sections: it illustrates a rudder, a marine symbol of the course one wants to take. "Heading towards ethical data at the service of all, respectful of each and every one."
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