Website : smtperformances.fr


SMT Performances is the IoT startup that created a GPS tracker for motorbike sold worldwide under the commercial name Pegase Moto. This little connected device made by motorbikers for motorbikers, protects your bike against theft thanks to its real time alert as soon as a suspicious movement is detected on your vehicle. Sent by notification, SMS or even email, this alert can then follow your motorbike’s itinerary if it has nonetheless been stolen. Police force can then set into action thanks to its very precise GPS microchip localization. Since 2019, almost a hundred stolen motorbikes have been recovered, and thousands others were saved because of their owner’s swift intervention. Along its anti theft key feature, Pegase Moto tracker also provides you with ride statistics, allows you to share and export your road trips, and even to follow up your motorbike’s maintenance.
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