Website : www.succubus.fr


Founded in 2002, Succubus Interactive, the French pioneer in the field of serious games, continues to thrive as one of the most renowned companies in this industry. Over the years, it has developed games for a wide range of fields and thanks to its extensive experience as a service provider (with a proven track record of over 100 applied games) the company shows the team’s ability to adapt to different work methods, and to deliver quality products on time. The 8 international trophies (with 11 nominations) awarded to Succubus underscore the success of our company. Succubus employs a dozen specialized collaborators, divided into 3 main areas (programming, graphics and game design) The company's economic models includes: • Creation of made-to-measure serious games • Off-the-shelf serious games • Conception of Social Games • Development of innovative technologies
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