News 12 January 2017

2017 CES : “Bubbly, enormous, gigantic!” 

With a strong presence of French and Atlanpolitan companies!

5 Atlanpolitan start-up companies (10-vins, iHeartWatch, Meyko, Sensorwake, SpeachMe)

5 Atlanpolitan SMEs and large groups were also present (MicroEJ, 4 Mod Technology, Documalis, Enedis, La Poste).

Congratulations to Sensorwake, who were rewarded for their new Oria product (Fitness /Sports / Biotech category)

A few figures about 2017 CES: 3,800 exhibitors, 175,000 visitors, +600 start-up companies in the Eureka Park area (of which about 1/3 were French start-up companies under the French Tech banner), 20,000 new products, …
It is worth noting that this year, there was an expansion in almost all areas: still of course there were the new developments in consumer electronics: computers, smartphones and tablets, screens, virtual reality helmets within the traditional industries of the sector (LG, Samsung, Intel , HP, …), but, in addition, there were objects related to the home, health, drones, robots that integrate AI (Artificial Intelligence), the connected car. Artificial intelligence was very present this year, in robots, voice dialogue interfaces such as Amazon’s Alexa.

“We can say that we shifted from the” Consumer Electronic Show “to the” Citizen Experience Show “: the customer’s experience first, techno being more and more hidden behind.”, says Samuel Bachelot Atlanpole, who was on site.

We could hear French spoken everywhere. France was the 3rd most represented country in Eureka Park, where 1/3 of the start- up companies were French, under the French Tech banner.
TechCrunch (an e-mag which is dedicated to start-up companies) even organized a round table on the theme of “France’s strong comeback” “, he said.

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