Portrait Published on 7 October 2016


Company : Hydrocean

Job : President

Year of creation : 2007

Atlanpole : Your Business in brief: Erwan JACQUIN :

HydrOcean is a leader in the field of performance studies of ships and offshore platforms. It enables customers to reduce their energy consumption, and to reduce the risks during the design phases. It relies on innovative simulation software developed with the Nantes Ecole Centrale and Nextflow, our subsidiary which became independent following the acquisition of HydrOcean by Bureau Veritas in September 2015. Nextflow continues the “adventure” of mechanical fluids software development in new markets (automotive, aerospace…). HydrOcean is continuing its international expansion, with customers in the United States, Europe, Brazil, China, Korea, Singapore…

An international leader in the field of
maritime services.
A. : What about your connection with the Ecosystem network? E. J. :

The company has born with the support of Atlanpole and the Nantes Ecole Centrale. This assistance has made it possible for the project to grow thanks to targeted support, which was tailored for every stage of our growth. Networking has brought financial support from other partners such as Total Development, Bpifrance, the Pays de la Loire Region, the Entrepreneurship Network… From our business sector standpoint, competitiveness clusters have also provided a valuable help: EMC2 and Mer Bretagne Atlantique clusters.

A. : Expected outcomes within 3 to 5 years? E. J. :

To make HydrOcean into an international leader in the field of maritime services, and Nextflow into a leading  software developer in the field of numerical simulation in fluid mechanics.

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