Portrait Published on 28 September 2016


Company : Clean Cells

Job : President

Year of creation : 2000

Atlanpole : Your Business in brief: Olivier BOISTEAU :

Clean Cells is a service company dedicated to developing biopharmaceuticals.

The company is focused on three activities: the evaluation of medicines’ biological safety, the development of innovative methods of characterization and measurement of medicines effectiveness and the production of cells and therapeutic viruses.

Since 2015, Clean Cells has got the “pharmaceutical industry” label and is developing in the European and North American markets.

Clean Cells manufactures the first therapeutic phages in France.
A. : What about your connection with the Ecosystem network? O. B. :

Stemming from a University/Inserm research unit in Nantes, accompanied by Atlanpole from the outset of the project and by the Vendée General Council, Clean Cells has quickly fitted into a network strategy with Atlanpole Biotherapies cluster but also the LEEM biotech, the AFSSI… These networks are accelerating our development. However, the development of Clean Cells requires above all to listen carefully and to be in close contact with customers.

A. : Expected outcomes within 3 to 5 years? O. B. :

Clean Cells aims to become a leading group of CRO/CMO in supporting the development of biopharmaceuticals.

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