Portrait Published on 28 September 2016


Company : 10-Vins

Job : Co-funders

Year of creation : 2012

Atlanpole : Your Business in brief: Luis DA SILVA, Thibaut JAROUSSE & Jérôme PASQUET :

The D-Vine, a “sommelier” at home, is a wine machine which enables you to help yourself a glass of wine, stored and served in ideal condition of decanting and temperature in less than 1 minute.

The information about each wine that we offer is contained on a microchip (RFID) located on our wine vials, which have a capacity of 10 cl (i.e. a dose of alcohol).

The chip also allows direct access to videos of our partner wineries and the advice from our oenologist, about e.g. wine pairings, without the need for any application other than through Near Field Communication technology (NFC).

The machine is for wine lovers who enjoy drinking a glass of wine without being experts. The added value of the product lies in the integration: the customer can order the vials from the website, access to online videos, web tastings, and use his bottles in the D-Vine.

Wine by the glass with the first connected sommelier!
A. : What about your connection with the Ecosystem network? L. D. S. T. J. &. J. P. :

Our first strategic milestone was with Atlanpole, followed by the establishment of links with the Nantes ecosystem (BPI, intellectual property consultants…) and the promotion of the company through various events. They were included in the 10-Vins major development points.

A. : Expected outcomes within 3 to 5 years? L. D. S. T. J. &. J. P. :

In 2016, 10-Vins will focus on the development of D-Vine wine machine sales in France. For this year, we have the prospect of opening up an offer focused on the professionals, particularly in the hotels and residential sector. In addition, our teams are working on our international development projects, targeted at Europe and the United States.

Our ambition within 5 years is to have sold 30,000 D-Vine wine machines and to be present in the 6 major wine-consuming countries (France, UK, Germany, Italy, USA and China).

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