Portrait Published on 29 September 2016

Maryvonne HIANCE & Bernard VANHOVE

Company : Effimune

Job : Co-funders

Year of creation : 2007

Atlanpole : Your Business in brief: Maryvonne HIANCE & Bernard VANHOVE :

Effimune specializes in Immune Regulation for applications in transplantation, auto-immunity and cancer immunotherapy. The novelty of Effimune’s therapeutic strategy, compared to conventional immunosuppression, is the willingness to restore the natural balance between effector and regulatory immune cells, by targeting key molecules. The company is expert in the identification of new therapeutic targets and the development of attractive biopharmaceuticals for the pharmaceutical industry.

Effimune, leading player in the field of immunotherapy.
A. : What about your connection with the Ecosystem network? M. H. &. B. V. :

Effimune’s technologies are derived from Urology Nephrology Nantes University Transplantation Institute (ITUN). The company identifies and validates new therapeutic targets in close collaboration with the UMR 1064 (Nantes academic research center in immunology), and develops them in different models of therapeutic interest in immunology (transplantation/auto-immune diseases/cancers).

Effimune enjoys strong international collaborations, marked by reference publications in the field of transplantation in collaboration with ITUN, INSERM, Nantes University and the department of transplantation surgery at Maryland University in Baltimore.

For the development of its products, Effimune is supported by local authorities (Pays de la Loire Territoires d’Innovation), Atlanpole Biotherapies cluster, Bpifrance, by the State via the regional planning grant and by the European Union through FEDER and FP7 funding.

A. : Expected outcomes within 3 to 5 years? M. H. &. B. V. :

On February 24, Effimune and OSE Pharma announced their merger project to create together a top-ranking group in the field of immunotherapy in activation and regulation. The headquarters of the new company will be based in Nantes, in order to maintain the strong bond forged with Nantes ecosystem networking, which boosted Effimune’s development. The objective of the new company is to become an international major player in the field of immunotherapy.

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