Portrait Published on 5 December 2016


Company : SpeachMe

Job : CEO

Year of creation : 2012

Atlanpole : Your Business in brief: Najette FELLACHE :

SpeachMe, editor of a Saas B2B solution, specializing in the transmission of knowledge allows experts/trainers to capture knowledge and skills in a “speach”, i.e. a knowledge capsule (10 min max, “speach” format with video/text/quiz, made by the employee independently).

The company has gained 150 customers, in less than a year of marketing, including many CAC 40 companies (SNCF, Airbus, COCA COLA, VALEO, NATIXIS, BNP, ALLIANZ…).

Examples of uses:

  • Convert procedures, instruction sheets in factories into video capsules available on PC/Tablet/Smartphone,
  • Transmit best practices in sales and product presentation to sales personnel,
  • Convert live training sessions related to compliance, security into capsules,
  • Capitalize on the knowledge of experienced people, reverse mentoring.
  • Objective: to make the company a learning company and decentralize knowledge by sharing directly with the employees independently.
SpeachMe managed to convince more than 25 CAC 40 companies in less than a year of marketing.
A. : What about your connection with the Ecosystem network? N. F. :

It all started with Nantes “digital canteen” and the Atlantic 2.0 network via the “Startup Factory”, a program launched jointly with Atlanpole. This seed acceleration phase of 6 months has enabled us to benefit from Atlanpole’s most advanced coaching and mentoring tools. Il parallel, the ADN’Ouest network has enabled us, very early, to access the demand for our offer in the market and find the right business model as well as, of course, Bpifrance and the Region Pays de la Loire supported us through loans and guarantees. Last but not least, the communauty of entrerpreneurs locally was helpfull for any question.

A. : Expected outcomes within 3 to 5 years? N. F. :

To become the leader in knowledge transmission in business, to hire 35 new employees in 2016 and to achieve a hundred employees in 2017. Established in the USA since last February, we have already gained several American “Fortune 500” customers.

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