Portrait Published on 7 October 2016

Frédéric RODIER

Company : MITIS

Job : President

Year of creation : 2007

Atlanpole : Your Business in brief: Frédéric RODIER :

Mitis, an expert company in axial machining processes, develops vibration assisted drilling technologies and devices.

The sectors of aircraft construction (assembly), engine manufacturers, general and precision mechanics are among the main users of the solutions provided by Mitis, whose international expansion is accelerating.

The Mitis! Already well known from Seattle to Beijing!
A. : What about your connection with the Ecosystem network? F. R. :

Mitis has made its first steps within the Nantes Ecole Centrale. From 2007 to 2011, Atlanpole assisted the company in the maturation phases of the technology and in the first product offers. Double winner of the french contest for the creation of innovative technology companies, Mitis has benefited from the financial support of Bpifrance, the funds for creation of industrial jobs which was allocated by the Region Pays de la Loire and from the assistance offered by Total and Airbus Development regional delegations. Mitis is a member of the EMC2 competitiveness cluster.

A. : Expected outcomes within 3 to 5 years? F. R. :

To be the undisputed international reference in expertise and innovative solutions for drilling and, more broadly, axial machining.

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