Portrait Published on 7 October 2016


Company : OBEO

Job : CEO

Year of creation : 2005

Atlanpole : Your Business in brief: Stéphane LACRAMPE :

A leading company in the world of Open Source, Obeo offers software technology which enable to modelize complex systems, both in industry (aeronautics, space, defence, energy, transport…) and tertiary (banking, insurance, administration… ) sectors.

Obeo counts over 200 references including the largest organizations, with more than a quarter of its business worldwide.

Obeo a world leader in Open Source modeling software.
A. : What about your connection with the Ecosystem network? S. L. :

Obeo is the fruit of a beautiful story that started in Atlanpole premises at the Chantrerie – Nantes.

In addition to business support and initial financial contributions, Atlanpole led us to quickly work with the local research ecosystem, including the LINA (Nantes University, Ecole des Mines de Nantes), which has been a real boost for the development of our innovations and which is currently our main differentiating factor on the market

A. : Expected outcomes within 3 to 5 years? S. L. :

To become the leader on the Model Based System Engineering international market by doubling our workforce.

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